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Cold petrol station pumps, stiff pump triggers and dirty hands could all soon be things of the past thanks to a new auto gadget designed in Cheltenham.

Pump Pal has been designed to change the way people refuel their vehicles.

The device keeps the refuelling nozzle of a petrol pump engaged by taking the pressure off your grip while you're filling up.

That means hands-free refuelling.

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One of our founders Mark Jenkins had a great time The Fleet Show. on Tuesday 12th May 2015. Organised by Fleet World Group in partnership with Barclaycard Fuel+ and TMC. What a great show! We highly recommend it. Dynamic, forward thinking auto businesses in the fleet industry.


Car mechanics across the UK  show strong support for Pump Pal.

CM Insider reminds car mechanics that they can have boxes of Pump Pal’s to retail in their garage forecourts and receptions. Or to give to valuable customers as a reminder of their garage.

Pump Pal have a cost effective option of adding your logo to a Pump Pal as corporate merchandise.

Now that the tax disc is no more giving auto or businesses in general one less place to advertise, Pump Pal is the perfect option.

Click our B2B page and contact us to enquire on options.

RAC for Business

Our Twitter team were buzzing from our mention from RAC Business.

Out of all the thousands of stands at The Fleet Show, RAC Business mentioned the Pump Pal brand. Fantastic corporate partnerships are being built, working with the best and most respected in the auto industry in Great Britain.

You’ve got to Pump it Up

Jane Asher the president for Arthritis Care shows the need to help and improve people’s lives further.

If you suffer from arthirits please check out their fantastic Inspire Magazine.

Pump Pal auto gadget  makes filling up your vehicle so much easier by allowing you to be handsfree.

Most of the catches on the petrol pumps in Britain have been removed. With your own personal Pump Pal you can be pain free and hands free at any pump. This gadget has been especially designed for those with hand mobility and dexterity issues.

Professional Motor Mechanic sees the need for a Pump Pal

Read by nearly 70,000 independent garage technicians a month, Professional Motor Mechanic (PMM) Magazine is The trade publication for the motor industry servicing and repair professionals.

Pump Pal has been included in May’s edition and also with the online blog and news found at PMM online.

It’s great to have the motor trade and professional motor mechanics and car garages supporting Pump Pal for British motorists.

Audi Driver

For all Audi enthusiasts across Great Britain.

Meet one of the creators of Pump Pal and Audi Q7 owner Gary Powell.

A great introduction to how the Pump Pal new auto gadget came about.

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We have gone social join in the conversation!

In a month we have reached over 149 thousand people via our content and social media competitions.

With over 700 + entries to our Twitter give-away competition and fantastic feedback.

We have also gained some fantastic followers and Pump Pal proud owners and ambassadors.

A lot of celebrities are following and engaging with the account from TV producers, TV presenters, Talk show hosts, rally and racing car drivers, footballers, rugby players and cricketers

We are very proud of the reaction we are getting and the conversations about the need to change the way we refuel in Britain.

Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and Tag us on Instagram #MyPumpPal

What Drives you?

In Britain we are proud motorists. We are encouraging people to share their brand and showcase their Pump Pal online.

All UK car manufacturers mentioned are  favouriting and sharing these. Here's how you get involved.

1 - Only take a photo when the car is parked safely or before starting your jounrey.

2 -  Share your photo on Twitter or Instagram use both the hash tags #WhatDrivesMe #MyPumpPal

3- The best photos selected are selected quarterly by the Pump Pal management team

4 - Winners chosen for auto experience days and prizes!

*UK entrants only

More than a fleeting glance at the future of refuelling

Fantastic coverage in Fleet News on Pump Pal.

The word is spreading fast from only being on social media for a month.

The automative industry is embracing our new refuelling widget and helping us share the story.

Whether you are a fleet manager or use a fleet management company to help assist with fleet management, fleet news has all the up to date news, best practice and professional advice to reduce costs and improve safety.

Car with a View

In Britain we have fantastic surroundings and views.

On your road trip stop the car in a safe place and take a moment to admire the view.

Send us your #PumpPalView to enter a competition to WIN a Pump Pal (Monthly winners for best photos shared)

Mind over motors

As many of you know the Pump Pal was developed for those in mind that need help refuelling the most.

Those with hand mobility of dexterity issues.

Particularly the below illnesses that cause disabilities and difficulties :

Acromegaly, Arthritis, Oestoarthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervain’s, Tenosynovitis, Raynaud’s disease, tennis elbow, Parkinson’s, Clateral epicondylitis, Buegers disease, Ganglion cysts and Repetitive strain injury.

We have we been touched by the positive feedback from featuring in Inspire magazine. Also the thank you cards and notes we have received saying how something so small can make such a big difference to their lives.

Driving new business

Do you give your customers corporate merchandise and branded goods each year?

Why not give them something they will use regularly and look at to remind them  positively of your brand or business.

We can brand Pump Pal's with your corporate logo and message. These can be given to customers or sold at your business.

Vehicle companies are also enquiring to add to their winter car care packs for their customers.

If you are interested in driving new business don't hesitate to get in touch!

Call The Pump Pal team today on +44 (0) 8456 251 640 or visit our B2B page to find out more

Have you Pumped it up?

T4 Media introduced us to a hands on market at the Pump.

Whilst Pump Pal introduced customers to a hands free activity at the Pump.

With the ability to captivate 1.5 billion motorists in 4,500 petrol stations including roadside, supermarket and motorway how could we say no.

Roadside network had excellent coverage on roads across the UK with over 3,000 petrol forecourts including Total, Murco and Esso

Supermarket Network over 1’000 forecourts with loyal consumers and busy sites, including Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tesco. 

Glowing feedback from supermarket customers all wanting to try a Pump Pal. 

Motorway Network 75 Forecourts predominantly business users.

High mileage drivers that have to regularly fill up their vehicles. So perfect audience to use a Pump Pal to take to strain or boredom out of refuelling.

Welcome Break, Road Chef and Moto Hospitality.

When customers are at the Pump and they start wondering what it would be like to use a Pump Pal… then we are on the right path.