the pump pal story

Most founders and inventors are often asked that age old question;

“What was your Eureka moment?”

Our story started with one of those moments! Picture this, one of the founders, was heading off for a long family journey. An early morning start at minus 3 degrees, frost on the ground and a regular task was needed before he could even begin his journey – refuelling the car.  As he began, his awareness kicked in and he noticed that  the stiff trigger and cold metal was causing him discomfort and even pain.  At that precise moment he thought of other people in the same situation.

“if I can’t do this easily then who else can’t do it; surely there must be an easier way to refuel?”

Pump Pal's founders went to work on establishing the extent of the problem and finding a solution that could help others when at the pump.  It was very clear that whilst the cold weather amplified the problem this was an all year round issue for many people.

For some people refuelling a vehicle is extremely challenging - for others it’s an annoying inconvenience.

In our research over 74% of people in our survey expressed discomfort when refuelling a motor vehicle.

The design origins were simple but have still gone through much iteration before arriving at the finished product you see today.

We are a young versatile company supported by a team of designers and manufacturing experts from across the world. Our Head Office is in Wales, UK with Design and IP protection based in The West of England.  The extended team for manufacture is completed by partners in China. Our initial product launch in January 2015 is in the UK - but through a global network of contacts will evolve at pace.

Our team has used its experience and knowledge, together with passion to create a product that we believe to be TRULY UNIQUE!

We hope that you enjoy using your new Pump Pal -  if you do please spread the word!