advice on using pump pal

We have put together safety guidance and reminders on how to stay safe while refuelling - even if you are not using your Pump Pal. 

Pump Pal is designed for you to “Refuel the easy way…” but it MUST NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED, fuelling a vehicle requires your constant attention. 

The fuel pumps auto shut off will stop automatically once your tank is full, alternatively you can disengage Pump Pal whenever you wish during the refueling process. 


There are fuel station regulations at every fuel station in the UK and whether you are using Pump Pal or not, you should familiarise yourself with these, we have included a summary for your safety.

  • Always follow local fuel station regulations
    • Guidance for discharge of static electricity, even if not using Pump Pal

    • Switch off engine

    • Do not re-enter vehicle

    • Do not smoke

    • Do not use a mobile phone

  • Always maintain contact with pump to avoid static build up.

  • Never leave Pump Pal unattended.

  • Use the same care and attention for refuelling using Pump Pal as you would without it.

  • Always follow local fuel station regulations – signs like the image shown are on every forecourt (images may vary).

  • Only use on pumps equipped with auto shut off - when your tank is full the fuel will stop flowing.

  • In the unlikely event that fuel continues to flow, Pump Pal can be released immediately and easily. This is shown on the instruction diagram - Step 3.

  • Never use Pump Pal to refuel portable containers.

  • Do not use mobile phones anywhere on the forecourt - even for photos!

Terms and Conditions of use

By ordering and using your Pump Pal you acknowledge that you have read the terms of conditions and will comply with the safety guidelines.

Pump Pal Ltd accepts no responsibility and excludes all liability for any claims or damages whatsoever against Pump Pal Ltd related to use of the product.

We hope that you enjoy using your new Pump Pal - if you do please spread the word.