Great invention

“We think Pump Pal’s are a great invention especially for vans and fleet companies. No-one enjoys filling up especially not big tanks and multiple times in a short period of time. Really efficient! Great quality design” 

Vans Rental UK

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Excellent and easy to use

"I thought Pump Pal was excellent and so easy to use. I dislike the smell of fuel, on the hand I use to fill the vehicle and it is much worse, when I fill up a diesel vehicle. I am aware that one hand is smelling and I suspect that there is a greater risk of fuel on my shirt cuff or suit, being flammable. There is no odour when I use Pump Pal, so I can enjoy my journey better."

Lynn Heritage
Managing Director

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I use my Pump Pal proudly

“I found out about the amount of germs that cause serious illnesses that are found on petrol pumps. No-one cleans them. I can’t risk infection as my wife is going through treatment. So anyway I can be extra careful I am. I wouldn’t have discovered Pump Pal otherwise now it rides in the car with me everywhere. She’s fighting and on the road to recovery and is amazed at the change in how careful I am, we are much closer now than ever.  I use my Pump Pal proudly. #MinesBlue”

Mr Harrington


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Freedom - off to the zoo!

Arthritis can make doing anything difficult. When I got diagnosed I thought it was a cruel joke at my age. I haven't had the freedom of being able to refuel my car for over two years. As an independent single Mum relying on other people to remember to help is very difficult. Discovering Pump Pal online, really has given me back a lot of freedom. It’s amazing how something so small can make so much difference. I am writing to you to say THANK YOU for making life a lot easier. Also for making my boys lives a lot more fun. We went to the zoo last week. Now we can plan more to look forward to - PS Mine is in Blue!

                                                                                                                                    JM – Herts


Thanks Pump Pal

Before Pump Pal if I needed to fill my car I had to stop halfway and resume once the pain in my fingers had eased. I also had to use both hands. With Pump Pal this was much easier and a big help. Thanks Pump Pal                                                                                              - CG - London

Nice Colour and it fits!

I wasn't sure at first how it would fit on the pump and actually work but as soon as I used it, I was really surprised at how easy it was. It was a lot more comfortable to use the pump and clicked off as soon as the tank was full. Easy to get on and off the pump too, so I thought it was great. Thought the colour was nice and girly too :) 

- ES Bournemouth