Have you Pumped it up?

T4 Media introduced us to a hands on market at the Pump.

Whilst Pump Pal introduced customers to a hands free activity at the Pump.

With the ability to captivate 1.5 billion motorists in 4,500 petrol stations including roadside, supermarket and motorway how could we say no.

Roadside network had excellent coverage on roads across the UK with over 3,000 petrol forecourts including Total, Murco and Esso

Supermarket Network over 1’000 forecourts with loyal consumers and busy sites, including Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tesco. 

Glowing feedback from supermarket customers all wanting to try a Pump Pal. 

Motorway Network 75 Forecourts predominantly business users.

High mileage drivers that have to regularly fill up their vehicles. So perfect audience to use a Pump Pal to take to strain or boredom out of refuelling.

Welcome Break, Road Chef and Moto Hospitality.

When customers are at the Pump and they start wondering what it would be like to use a Pump Pal… then we are on the right path.